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Argent of London offers fine, luxury jewellery at affordable prices. Our jewellery is largely hand-made using precious metals and a wide variety of gemstones and pearls. We also hold a beautiful collection of coloured Murano glass necklaces, pendants and charms.

We pride ourselves on our unique, timeless designs and we hope to offer something to suit all ages.

Usually Argent uses real gemstones in its designs.  Unlike man made objects natutral gemstones can contain what are called inclusions.  These are caused as the gemstones are created by nature and are quite normal.  They should not be confused with cracks or other damage caused by inappropriate human treatment..

The following sections offer some advice on the Care of Your Jewellery and give some background information on some of the gemstones Argent uses in its jewellery.



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Beautiful gemstones available at Argent of London


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