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Part of Argent's Nature Inspired Endangered species range, this cute sterling silver hedgehog pendant is available also in gold vermeil.  A solid gold version is available to order.  The hedgehog is available either with or without a chain. Our hedgehog is made in our London UK workshop.

Threats to Hedgehogs. Hedgehogs have declined in numbers principally because of loss of habitats. Likely factors for the demise are the loss of permanent grasslands, larger field sizes, use of pesticides and herbicides and a reduction of hedgerow quality.

How can we help hedgehogs?

Solid fences and walls restrict a hedgehog's movement through gardens. Make sure you leave small gaps at their bases
Hedgehogs can swim but often drown in garden ponds because of their steep and slippery sides. Provide them with an escape route: a piece of wood, chicken wire or pile of stones
Bonfires make good places for hedgehogs to nest. Check them to make sure a hedgehog has not made its nest before lighting
Be prepared to leave a small part of your garden to go wild. Long grass, log/leaf piles and undergrowth provide foraging and nest places for the perfect hedgehog habitat
Feed your local hedgehog, but provide dog/cat food and not bread and milk

18mm ex bail

Weighs 1.7gms in silver 1.8gms in gold vermeil