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Dragonfly Cross

This piece was originally inspired by the delicate elongated shape of the dragonfly.  Originally set with aquamarine, the semi precious stone represents the bright iridescence of the dragonfly’s wings.  This piece is now made incorporating a range of stones including: peridot, baroque pearl and tourmaline.  This design, which can also be viewed as a cross, has now become a signature piece within the Argent of London collection.   Buy the dragonfly with aquamarine or pearl.








Daisy cross

Bright, fun and individual these daisy crosses take their inspiration from the flowers that they are named after and the stones that are used within them.  Each cross is individual as it follows the slight irregularity of the stones that it features.  Daisy crosses are available in a huge range of stones and designs including: aquamarine and ruby, peridot and tourmaline, pearl and tourmaline. View examples here.







Love heart

Inspired by two dolphins, this pendant is made of two pieces that sit together with the tails just crossing over at the bottom to form a heart.  The two separate pieces and the way that it is designed to sit together makes it a very tactile and pleasurable piece to wear. Since there are two elements it is possible to have a mixture of silver and gold as well as either plain silver or plain gold. We also have earrings to match. View the silver and gold version or the plain silver here





Rose branch bangle

I love the beauty of wood, but I also adore silver and this somehow manages to combine the best of both.  Cast from a rose branch from my own garden, this stunning solid silver bangle showcases all of the details of a natural twig, with the longevity, solidity and shine of sterling silver. Available in silver or gold plate. Buy the bangle here.






Baroque pearl drops

Some of my very favourites! Although I have always adored pearls, I wondered if we could enhance the natural beauty of a pearl. So I started insetting them, initially with 18 ct gold, then dropping exquisite semi precious stones from them and now we have taken this a step further and introduced a single diamond into the pearl.  Better than nature? Perhaps not, but stunning none the less! View the pendants here.






Trilogy bangles

These three silver bangles with gold detailing now form our ‘love’ trilogy.      Each piece represents a token of love in its own right, but they are really designed to be worn together.     We started with the bangle with the 2 gold rings representing wedding bands or two people locked in the circle of life, the gold heart followed and the kiss was a special request from an existing customer! Buy the bangles here.





Gemstones & Silver/Birthstone Bangles

Increasingly I am using gemstones as 'surrogate flowers'. We have a a gorgeous range of silver bangles and cuffs that feature gemstones inset. We use aquamarine, amethyst, garnet, iolite, peridot and turquoise to give added lustre to silver bangles or earrings. For example our new bangle collection, cuffs or earrings






Mixing gold and silver

From the very beginning of Argent my raison d’etre has always been to combine silver with gold.  I personally love it and to my mind it makes life so much easier as you can mix and match with plain silver and gold jewellery to your hearts content.     The colours compliment each other and light each other so well.

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