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Argent of London was set up in 1996 by Gail Goodrich to create a collection of timeless, beautiful, original designs in gold, silver and gemstones that women can afford to buy themselves. Gail’s aim is to create irresistible designs that can be bought for today rather than waiting for a special occasion.

Every piece in the Argent collection is either designed or carefully selected by Gail personally.

In 2001 Argent was voted one of the 6 “Rolls Royce’s” of UK silver mail order jewellery companies.

In 2007 Argent was selected by British Airports Authority (WDF) to showcase a capsule collection of its jewellery designs in the new Terminal 5 at London’s Heathrow airport.

In 2009 Gail Goodrich, Argent's Managing Director and Head of Design, was nominated Jewellery Designer of the Week by the organisers of Coutts London Jewellery Week.

Argent designs have been stocked in a number of outlets including those in Edinburgh, Solihull, Milton Keynes, Bath, Bristol, Leamington Spa and Selfridges London, Birmingham & Manchester, to name but a few.

Argent's Core Values

When Argent was set up in 1996 our aim was to establish a philosophy that we as consumers felt was important when we went out to buy things ourselves. The key factors within this philosophy still remain at the centre of our culture and, as we grow, become even more important as values by which we live. These are what we call our Core Values;

  • Provide a level of service that goes beyond our customers' expectations
  • Dispatch products the same day our customer orders them
  • Create and offer original jewellery of high quality
  • Offer outstanding value for money
  • Present our products beautifully
  • Build honest relationships based on confidence and trust
  • Be passionate about our business and enjoy what we do
  • Endeavour to ensure our customers are always happy
  • Recognising we are human, try to resolve problems straight away & keep people informed
  • Think today what our customers will want tomorrow

We hope that we achieve these goals but always welcome comments from customers both positive and critical.

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